Woman of leisure? Isn't that just British for unemployed?


Miss O is killing me on sleep, but this is a very short mommy week - Dave gets them back again tomorrow night and then I get four nights of quality sleep. I'm actually considering laying in supplies on my way home tomorrow night and then not leaving the house all weekend long. Just being a woman of leisure. I can sleep, get caught up on reading, not spend any money ... I mostly need to buy a lounge chair for the deck and some low-SPF sunscreen so I can get some sun and read some books outside. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... the sun is bad. I know. But I spent too many years living near a beach (and too many of those years with a kick-ass tan) not to *need* some kind of tan in the summer.

Actually, before my weekend of Zen, I think I'm going to indulge in a massage. My sciatic nerve is all wonked out again, and my neck and shoulders are just screaming for some deep-tissue work. The people I work with use Kisma Salon, and the prices for massages, hair cuts and color look really good. And it's an Aveda salon, which rocks. I had been considering one of the $49 massage places, but my office mate is a licensed massage therapist and she confirmed my suspicion that a $49 massage was akin to a $12 haircut - you might get a good one, but there's a reason that person isn't charging the big bucks.

As we lay in bed and let Miss O toddle around and be a goofball, Bean and I talked a bit about why she doesn't like going to daddy's. Besides the obvious that mommy isn't there. I also told her that she was never going to have her mommy and daddy in one house again, and that I was sorry it was such a hard thing for her to go through. I told her she could always call me when she's at her daddy's, and she could call him when she's here. Her response? "I don't ever want to call my daddy. I only want to call you!" Sweet and sad at the same time.

I got pretty much the same response when I was talking to her about how she loved her daddy and would miss him if she didn't see him often. Apparently I am the alpha and the omega and Dave is chopped liver in her book, at least to hear her talk. I don't believe for a second she wouldn't miss him, but for whatever reason, mommy trumps daddy these days.

A few Beanisms from her playtime this evening:

The attached-tail horses are mine and the not-attached-tail horses are Miss O's

When Miss O cries like that, she's going to make herself vomit. Just like I vomited at school that day. You didn't realize I was sick.

These horses love each other. They really do.

Don't fear - it's fishies. They don't bite.

And this, from when she spelled her name with refrigerator magnets, and noticed it sloped downward while she was sing-songing the letters:

I sing each letter lower because the letters are leaning down like that.

She's so damn clever sometimes ...


tobethode said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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