All that proper conduct is a con too heavy to bear.

Bean this a.m.: "Mommy, just let me get some privacy done. I have my booty all naked, so just let me get some privacy." {Closes bathroom door to, hopefully, do her bidness. And nothing else.}

In the bath last night: "These are vegetarian bubbles. Because he (the leopard) eats veg-uhs."

Ever have one of those days where your kids are just awesome?

When I picked the girlies up yesterday, Bean was in the 4.5-year-old room instead of the younger fours room. They had planned to do a gradual shift to that room, as she seems to have fewer issues there; but because she's so night and day, behavior-wise, between the classes, they just kept her there and did a cold-turkey switch.

The joy of *not* having a teacher tell me how many bad choices my big girl made in a day almost - almost - trumped the buzz kill of hearing that the little one has a spot of ringworm. Freakin' ringworm. And it's on her hip, under her diaper and under her clothes, so I'll be damned if I can figure out where she picked it up.

So, after a stop at the grocery store for antifungal cream (and don't think *that* didn't require a whole dissertation for the big girl, who has added 'antifungal', 'ringworm' and 'Uncle Fungus' to her word count), some chicken strips and some mac and cheese, we headed home. During the drive, I had the pleasure of watching Bean do her "funkadelic dance" to Henry Rollins' "Let That Devil Out". Now if that doesn't make a mama proud, I don't know what does.

Dinner was a breeze, followed by bathtime and all sorts of associated silliness from the kiddos.

It was just a great night to be a mommy. And one I totally, totally needed. Thanks girls!


Julia said...

That's fantastic. You definitely deserved it. I'll bet Bean was more challenged in the older class.

I think the universe only has x quantity of kid-goodness in any given day. Sounds to me like yours took all of it, and mine gave up the rights to all of it yesterday.

Dawn said...

Awesome! Glad you got a good day - hopefully it was one of those that sustains you through a couple of bad. :)

Yeah I am with Julia - your kiddos took all the good - I don't think I have ever hollered so much at both my kids as I did yesterday.

Did the ringworm possibly come from one of the cats?? (or the litter box) They seem to be a good source for it. When I was pregnant with Port I had a nasty bout with it on my calf. It was so big I had to wear a 4x6 surgical pad over my calf to cover it. Anyway, my best guess is I got it from the cat. I hope it clears up fast.

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