I love you. I don't know if I trust you.

Oh. Hi.

Yeah, it's been a while ... insert lame excuse here.

So, how y'all doing? I watched my Gators crash and burn Saturday, then a horrific Vikings game Sunday. I actually switched to a documentary where they were dissecting a crocodile instead of watching the second half of Sunday's game. It was more pleasant to see someone squeeze out the contents of a huge croc's intestines than it was to watch football this weekend.

Random aside: What's up with the cheese sticks waving all over at Lambeau? Is it like the Cheesehead version of the Terrible Towel?

My mom has done her best to jinx the Packers tonite, with a blithe 'they've got it in the bag'-type comment during halftime. So if the green and gold lose tonite, you can send hate mail to vicksmom@jinxmasters.com

(Update: Whew. She's lucky.)

On to real stuff. Assuming anyone's left after my football blather. Anyone else dealing with lying in their 4-year-old? Bean told a whopper the other day, and recanted the next morning. But the night before, she swore up and down it was true, promised she wasn't lying, the whole nine yards. Because it was so outrageous, I waited until morning to act on it, and when I brought it up, she changed her tune. Again, I pressed her and she said she lied.

She came to me with another big one tonight, and I'm defaulting to "I believe her", but not acting on anything until the morning. Her dad is less willing to believe her, and seems to be more inclined to dismiss her as a result of the first big lie. In his defense, she was lying about his treatment of her, so he's a bit jaded, but still. I hate that he immediately thinks she's lying; it's my biggest fear for my kids - that a grownup won't believe them when they need them too.

Do you have kids that lie? Big lies or just little ones? How do you handle it?


Julia said...

Best of luck with that. If you figure it out, let me know. I think N will try to snow us, but C is honest to the core. She stinks at lying, and whenever she tries, she ends up stopping halfway and just telling the truth.

Vivian said...

Well, all I know is that lying is a developmental milestone. Yes, absolutely useless info. We're not there yet and I'm not looking forward to it.

In other news... my daughter just discovered My Little Pony! I thought of Bean as K gushed over the purple sparkly pony... here we go.

Good luck with the fibbing!

Melinda said...

My four year olds don't lie but they won't admit to anything either. It's like a bloody blue wall, except their would be pink and sparkly.

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