So I've been laying low a bit .. I'm a little melancholy, a little overwhelmed and a little just kind of blah.

The melancholy is a little bit post-divorce, but more just the emotional drain of parenting; especially parenting the Bean. That's where the overwhelmed comes in, too. Neurology and neuropsychology appointments and assesments; biweekly OT; behavior challenges at home and at school; hearing 'autism', 'pervasive developmental disorder', 'adhd', 'behavioral issues', 'mood disorder'...

These aren't diagnoses, they're rule-outs. But they're mentioned because initial assesments indicate they're possible, that my kid exhibits traits and behaviors associated with these disorders. That's not something anyone wants to hear or think about. Having a kid who is such magic in so many ways, but so obviously off of center too is just an emotional rollercoaster. And if I'm feeling a little moody anyways ... well, it's easy to get sucked into just blah.

So I don't end on a woe-is-me note: next time you see Miss O, ask her what dinsoaurs eat. Don't be shocked if she says "carrots". But she says it with that little, subtle Miss O smirk that lets you know that she may be small, and she may only be two, but she has a big sense of humor.


Isaiah'sMom said...

"Having a kid who is such magic in so many ways, but so obviously off of center too is just an emotional rollercoaster."

Yes, yes it is. Especially when all anyone on the outside wants to focus on is the "off center" part.

Even with my dh being here to help at the end of the day and weekends I'm often overwhelmed. Doing the daily things solo....well I hope you have enough wine ;) You certainly have my best wishes.

Julia said...

Well, if it helps any, C doesn't see the "off center" part of Bean. She sees the pony-obsessed, pony-loving magic that is Bean and asks all the time why Bean doesn't come over to play anymore as much.

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