Now, we can do this the hard way or... well, actually, there's just the hard way

Oh. Hi.

Yes, I'm still alive .. it's been like 2 months since I posted, but I'm still here. Things got progressively busier at work as March wrapped up, and early April was insane. Then we all got the chicken pox and ...


Yes, we *all* got the chicken pox. Turns out Miss O was exposed as a parting gift at her last daycare. Maybe 10 days later I got an email (I'm still on their distribution list) that there was a confirmed case of the pox, and within a couple days, she had 'em. Hers were mild, she had maybe 50 in total.

Dave and I kept her, and Bean, home for two weeks. At the very end, Bean finally started showing symptoms. And so did I. But it was no mild case for us - we both got hammered. Bean had probably 350 and I had more like 500+. It. Sucked. Naturally, Dave *and* my folks were out of town while Bean and I were sickest ... my parents did drive in from where they were RVing a couple times (they were only about an hour away), but still ...

I'm not sure I've been that sick in a looong time. Maybe when I was pregnant and had a kidney infection. But this was a couple days of a 104-ish temp, then a few more in the 102 range. And taking care of a sick kiddo, too. And a well one.

Had I done my reading when O was sick, and not just assumed I'd be fine, I would have seen that because chicken pox vaccination is so common, adult immunity isn't challenged as often, and actually wanes. I *could* have gotten vaccinated myself after O got sick, and that supposedly would have mitigated my illness.

But, we're all better now. Bean still has a few healing pox, I have a few more. I am *hoping* nothing I messed with on my face scars, but I had sooo many pox that it was impossible not to mess with some of them. I think I'll sign my kids up as pox-friendly babysitters when they get older, just to make sure their immunity os challenged! As for myself, I'm hoping that a second, full-on case will cover me for the rest of my life!


pam said...

Even the pox cannot diminish Miss O's beauty....and those eyes!!! Must be the genes:) So happy you all are back and well again.

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