Flag down on that play, babe

What a weekend. I did get to watch a little football, unfortunately no Packers or Vikings today, tho I did see some highlights. Much love for Donald Driver, my favoritest receiver, for breaking a team record on receptions AND making a crazy-ass one handed, totally interfered with, catch.

Had a great meeting with Dave about what to do first with Bean; he's taking point on calling the handful of preschools we agreed on, and trying to set up a few asap visits for us to go tour them and see what their philosophies are. Getting her into a new school, and transferring Miss O there as well, is priority number one. The therapies are important too, but my folks can only help out with childcare this week, so we've got to visit 3-5 of the schools we like and make a decision fast.

No pressure, right? Sigh.

So wish us luck finding a good fit for her, and a place that Miss O will adjust to well.


Vivian said...


Hey, I'm not from your area, so I haven't a clue if it exists, but is there a school for gifted kids you could look into? Though I don't know Bean personally, your description of Bean says "GIFTED KID!" to me. It would not be a quick enrollment process, so not a solution for your immediate daycare need, but later? Gifted Kids are often "challenging" to the average teacher and need teachers who "get them" Just a thought.

Julia said...

Ditto to what Vivian said. Best of luck.

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