Happy Fifth Birthday Bean!!

Sweets, we've gone through a lot together so far, and I wanted you to know what I know:

You have a heart as big as Texas
You make me laugh every. single. day.
You've changed me, for the better, in so many ways.
You're an amazing person.
You ask so many great questions about the world around you.
Your curiosity and inquisitiveness keep me on my toes.
You're sweet and loving and never hesitate to show it.

You are magical, amazing and I am so lucky to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday, Princess. I cannot *wait* to see what the next year brings.

One hour old

One year old

Two years old

Three years old

Four years old

Five years old


pam said...

Bean was beautiful at one hour and only gets more beautiful with every passing year in spirit and self. She IS an amazing little girl with an amazing mom!

Rebecca said...

agreed, aunt Pam! love to all of you :)

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