Lu-Lu's Opera

(All sung to a baby doll and two stuffed Bambis, unless otherwise noted. And we all thought Bean had the lock on unintentional comedy.)

I want my gramma and my grampa
Grampa is my favorite
Grampa is my favorite boy
I forgot my deer
I'll go get it, I'll be right back
Can I come with you?
No, you can stay right here, I'll be right back

Mama, I'm getting my baby deer
her name is Bambi

I found her

(resume opera)
I found it

Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.

I love you horsies; I love you guys deers

My name is calypso and name is Ayssa
neigh-neigh (because all deer say neigh-neigh, apparently)

Are you pickin' on your nose guys?

Neigh! yes! We're just pickin' on our nose



Julia said...


Rebecca said...

Gotta love that little girl!!! Hey.... all deer (um...horses?) pick their noses....right? ;)

Vivian said...

LOL! I love it!

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