I've got one leg back in the land of the living; my parents took the girls for the day on Saturday when I was at my worst, and Sunday I took it as easy as is possible with two rambunctious kiddos wreaking havoc on my home and tapping every last energy reserve.

But I survived, and we actually had a decent morning Sunday. We screwed around for awhile at home, since there's really nowhere to go and nothing to do at the wonderful hour of 6 a.m., then around 8 we headed out for donuts and kolaches. Both girls loved their donuts, so I braved Target for some toy department destruction and very basic grocery shopping. It wasn't flawless, but we all survived. I was, however, exhausted and hurting by the end of the trip. At some point this weekend, between coughing and the sucky contortions I end up in as both girls press against me from opposite sides, my back got wrenched and it just *aches*.

The plan was just to drive home, but O fell asleep and Bean asked to drive around. So we did. There's a neighborhood about a mile or two east of ours where the lots are big and well-treed, and you can usually spot a deer or two. We saw a ton - including a little fawn. Bean was beside herself. She informed me that deer, horses, cats and cows had the cutest faces. She then proceeded to rattle of every other animal she knew as being cute, too. She's non-discrimanatory about her love :)

But the icing on the cake was on the way out of the 'hood - I found a pasture with three horses. Three horses that, in turn, all let Bean pet them.

Nothing, shot of there being a foal too, could have made her happier. It was awesome.

I don't know what it is about little girls and horses; I've loved them since I was around her age too.

One of my good friends is moving to New Hampshire on Friday :( It sucks, but I'm thrilled for her, her hubby and their son and wish them the very best. Plus, they're only an hour from Boston, which is one of the first 2-3 places I want to take the girls when I start flying with them. I visited Boston when I was pregnant with Bean, and fell in love with the aquarium and the kid's museum. I actually think we spent more time at those places than anywhere else .. I've been dying to take Bean there ever since.

I'll leave you with this tidbit: I have a lunch *date* Wednesday :)


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