Eventually I had to face up to my destiny as a loser magnet

Yeah, so my date was a bust.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he suggested meeting for subs at Thundercloud, and still went when he said "I'll be the one in the long shorts with the motorcycle helmet"; even though I wanted to reply "I'll be the one dressed like a grown-up".

None of that would have been awful if he'd impressed me as being strong, humorous, cute ...

I'm really *not* uppity; hell, one of my anniversary dinners I asked to go to Salsa Fresh because all I really wanted was a good bean and cheese burrito and good conversation. But it's hard to take people seriously when they don't take themselves seriously.

My boss accuses me of overthinking things, because I tend to take such a long view - if we're doing a new web site, I'm thinking of the ways in which instructions, descriptions etc can be misconstrued by some percentage of people, or how doing something one way could have x consequence down the road. I can't help it - it's just the way my brain works: I see things through to their logical conclusions.

So when I was having lunch with this guy, there was just no way I could picture doing anything 'serious' with him, including - and especially - introducing him to my kids or having him interact with my kids. Which put the kibosh on things pretty quick. The date limped along, and toward the end he was like "Do you want to know anything about me?" and I answered "Not really". I did it with a smile, but that was it.

This internet dating thing ... folks sound good on paper, and there's a picture so you know it's not Quasimodo, but still ...



Vivian said...

Well, nothing's perfect. I definitely had a few off putting dates when I did match.com (A racist homophobe, no thanks. And a midget-ok maybe 5'1- who said he was 5'9... Did he really think I wouldn't notice?) But there were other really good guys too. Just have to wade through some losers. Good luck!

Cindy said...

Sorry, dude :( I was really hoping it would at least have been entertaining/fun. Well at least it sounds like you made your intentions clear to the guy (hopefully he picked up on it).

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