I can just feel my mind opening up, you know?

In my between-high-school-and-college days (and that was a LOT of days ... 5-6 years worth, for those counting along at home), my friends and I used to watch hour upon hour of documentaries. Biographies, nature shows, science programming pretty much anything that wasn't about hair, makeup or celebrities. Sometimes we imbibed and watched Disney movies, but usually it was a documentary.

I'm not sure what it was, or still is, about documentaries that draws me in. I seriously could spend all day in front of the TV if supplied with quality documentary options. Maybe it's the learning aspect, maybe it's just the nonfiction aspect. Whatever the case, documentaries draw me in. I watched a few on the universe and Stephen Hawking this morning, and now I'm sucked into 'Planet Earth'.

Are you a documentary nerd too? What do you like to watch?


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