I rested my eyes now and then, that's all.

I totally zonked out with the girls last night. I fully intended to get up after they fell asleep, but as O was nodding off, I thought 'screw it' and went to sleep.

The girls got about 10 hours' sleep, and I was up an hour earlier, so hopefully we're all recharged sufficiently for another day at the grind. Since Bean doesn't nap, her nighttime sleep is precious. Miss O usually naps well during the day, so she's not quite as exhausted as Bean is when the lights go out. The Big Girl is usually out cold within 5-10 minutes, while Little One still takes about 30 minutes to settle down and fall asleep.

I'm in the market for a new school for Miss O. The near-daily coronary event I have sitting in traffic on Mopac is just not good ... and - honestly? - I'm not a big fan of Montessori. Bean summed it up as "just boring work all day", and she's not that far off. I'm more interested in Miss O having fun than I am in her moving beans from one bowl to another with tweezers, yanno? That's a little bit of hyperbole, but it just totally goes against who I am as a parent, so I want her somewhere with play-based learning again.

I could drop her off earlier, I know, but the before and after programs at that school really don't offer much. In the mornings when I've dropped off before 9, the kids are all just sitting around the lunch area, not playing, not doing anything. They have active programs from 9-11-ish, but then it's lunch, then nap time and after that it's play outside (weather permitting time). That's a lot of money a month for essentially 2 hours a day of moving beans around. I also can't, in good conscience, just drop her there at 7:30-8:00 to sit around for an hour.

Does anyone have any schools they've heard good things about in central or North Austin?


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