Birds need to fly, and girls need to use the toilet

Well, we're through week two of "regular" preschool for Bean and she's holding her own. Laying on her mat at naptime, no full-scale meltdowns, and she seems to be taking to heart that she needs to step up her own self-control. At least so far.

Is it perfect? No. Actually, I'm pretty underwhelmed by her experience there. She's got some academics going on, and brings home practice writing every day, which is better than the academic void she had been in. But it's a chaotic and stressful environment and there seems to be more going on than the staff keeps up with ..

Case in point, on Tuesday, I think, Bean had a poop accident. When I picked her up, I notived that her pants were different and asked what happened. I don't think the teacher really heard me, because her response was about the art that Bean hung on the wall and the ice cream cone she made with construction paper and cotton balls. Then I got distracted with the art and left and it was an hour or so later that Bean told me what happened.

So a ziploc with poop percolated in a cubby until the next day - I've never been gladder that I buy $2 Target pants and $5 Goodwill dresses for my kids, because that ziploc of joy went straight in the trash.

Later in the week, Bean informed me: "I had another accident today and flushed my panties down the toilet." Points to her for creative problem-solving; she wanted to destroy the evidence and there was no garbage can in the bathroom.

So she had to go potty, and then either:
take off pants and shoes,
flush the panties,
pull up her pants (and possibly put shoes back on),
go retrieve new panties,
go back to the potty,
take off pants (and maybe shoes) again,
put new panties on,
get dressed and rejoin the group

OR she had to shuffle out with pants around her ankles and retrieve the panties, then strip down, put the news ones on, and get redressed. The stealthiest she could have been would have gone mnore like: pull up the soiled panties, come out, retrieve new panties from a ziploc in her cubby, then go back in the bathroom and strip down and change panties.

I broke it all out like that because: how the eff did someone not notice this and tell me about it? It's frustrating as hell for me ... Having kids in full time care is hard enough. Not feeling great about where they're getting that care really sucks.


Vivian said...

That does suck. Look at it this way, Bean goes to Kdg in the fall, then you can move Miss O to someplace you can feel better about. The next two months will be gone before you know it. (summer is always too short, for me.) And she's learning to be independent*.

*Too much of a stretch, looking for the silver lining, huh?

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