What can I say? I flunked the written.

Bean's very into writing these days. And drawing. She loves to create written words and art .. kind of like me. Only she's good at the art part; I doodle. I'm just not artistic; I can play music and I pick up languages easily, or at least I did in school, but artistic creations have just never been my forte.

Bean's art is kind of surreal. Her favorite shape is a heart, so that dominates her creations. But the other day, she drew a heart on her chalkboard, and proceeded to add lines to the top. She then turned to me and said "that's the aorta, and that's the vena cava."

Have I mentioned before that she loves science? Especially learning about the body. I got her a couple human body DVDs from Netflix and she loved 'em. And she's back into my college bio textbook, especially to fully 'get' the circulatory system.

She's been writing and spelling a lot more. And I love that she'll guess at how things are spelled based on what they sound like. She gets frustrated when I correct her, but it's not like she just says "c-h-u spells chew" she says "c-h-u spells chew, right mommy?" And I can't *lie* to her and tell her she's right. One, because I don't do that and two, because she has a "if mommy says it, it's absolutely true" mindset. So someone else correcting her later is in for a world of hurt; plus, I don't want everyone whoever that someone is thinking I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to spell.

So, while she does get frustrated, I try to couch it with "it's no big deal - you spelled it exactly the way it sounds. It's just that some words don't work that way." She doesn't take correction super well (What's that? It sounds like someone else you know? I thought we agreed we weren't talking smack about Dave anymore. Because I know you're not thinking of me ...), but when I explain that even grown ups make mistakes, it seems to help.

Here are some of the "books" she's written:



Julia said...

The books are great! I swear she and C are so much alike in so many of these little ways. By the way, kindie - they do "creative spelling." It's encouraged. I've already warned C about it because she too gets really irked when things aren't exactly as they should be.

Melinda said...

I think she's doing great! My girls are about the same age and have zero interest in spelling yet. I am so impressed by her love for anatomy(I love it too).

My son in grade one still spells the way words sound a lot. Most of the kids in his class do as well. It surprised me since he can read at a grade 3/4 level but his teacher says it's common. One thing I found that helped was asking him his reasons for spelling a word the way he did. I praise his effort, he ususally tells me some vowel sound rule that makes sense but isn't quite right. Then I explain to him which of the 4011 rules it is for this word.

Sorry for the ramble. You sure do have one amazing little girl (or two ;) )

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