Is it bigger than a breadbox?

In today's installment of "everything's bigger in texas", the Texas Spiny Lizard:

The one I encountered this afternoon moved too quickly for me to get a pic before he was a good 10-15 feet up the free, but he (or she) was really cool! I hope I see it again; the girls were excited about the juvenile anole that we found on the deck - a 6-inch spiny lizard will make their day.

Of course, I probably won't see it when the kidlets are around.

So I went to PetSmart today (there were some awful cute kittens there, if anyone around the 1890 Ranch Petsmart is looking for a friend .. ) intending to get a full aquarium setup. But really, I want to deal with all of that like I want a hole in the head. It also just didn't compute to spend like $3-400 on an aquarium setup + stand for a fish that'll cost like $2 to replace.

So, here are Isabel the Betta's new digs:

It's a positively pink palace, fit for a male fish that likes to kill it's rivals. I think if Isabel the fish had any inkling of what a puss we were turning him into, he'd just go belly-up. At least he entertains the only other boy in the house:



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