Mojo: What the French call a certain... I don't know what.

Been a long week ...

Sucktastic date aside, no major issues. I'm just kind of in a slump ... I'm not loving my job anymore, I'm kinda blah in general and somewhere along the line I lost my mojo.

At least I still have Bean to keep me laughing.

The other day, the guys were here doing the lawn. I was sitting at my computer in my underwear and a tank top. Not a thong, because Bean comments on those ("Your underwear is up your butt, mommy. When mine is like that it's distracting."), but still, not something I'd answer the door in. Bean came into my office and wanted to see the lawn people. She was pulling the blinds away from the window and I asked her to stop.

Mommy: "Don't open the blinds"
Bean: "Why?"
Mommy: "I don't want everyone to see me in my underwear"
Bean: "They're not looking at your underwear, they're looking at the grass sweetie."

The "sweetie" was said in that kind and considerate, non-sarcastic way that only a 4-year-old can deliver. She was trying to be reassuring. I know she didn't intend to knock mommy's fragile ego down an extra notch or three, but there it is.

The kid cracks me up. Her unintentional comedy is way, way better than most peoples' intentional funny stuff.


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