Ah, the pitter patter of tiny feet in huge combat boots

Since the Big Girl's been dominating the posts of late, a brief moment for Thing 2.

(Photo taken by her Pinkalicious Big Sis)

She's been trying on pretty much every word you say to her, so while she still isn't very clear all the time, her vocabulary is expanding. She is still the belle of the ball at daycare, where everyone loves her in all of her sweet and tiny glory. She's a very generous kiddo there, doling out hugs and kisses to all, and sharing/playing really well with the other littles in her class. The comments from her 'teachers' are always along the lines of how well she participated in the activities, how much she enjoys playing and how well she gets along with the other kids. We had a couple biting incidents, with her on the giving end, and then karma came around and, well, bit her back. She had a couple bites from other kids, but that all seems to have leveled out.

She will go almost any woman who holds their arms out for her. At the grocery store the other day, she was having a hissy fit and another shopper stopped and said "Awww. You need to come home with me, you need a maw-maw." and held out her arms - Miss O walked right over and let the woman pick her up, then waved bye-bye to me and blew me a kiss. As the woman was a grandma, she naturally fawned all over O, and probably would have cheerfully taken her home for the evening had I asked.

I really wish my kids were more outgoing and less shy ... sigh.

I think O may need some speech therapy; we'll see when (if) I ever get her in to the doc for a checkup. I really need to stop saying I'll take her in and actually *make* the appointment, don't I?

I've been using gentian violet and some antifungal cream on her ringworm, and will strip the bed/crib and wash everything on hot with bleach while they're at Dave's this weekend. Dawn, I don't think she got it from the cats. Number one, these guys are 100% indoor and b, the spot is under her diaper on her hip. If she got it from them, it would be on her face, guaranteed. I've never seen a kid love on cats more, and it's always hugs and kisses.

She is the huggiest, kissiest kid - I get a gazillion hugs and kisses every day, and at night when we're going to sleep, she kissed me like 10 times after we've done lights out and I'm laying with them to sleep. And she falls asleep either on me or pressed against me. Since Bean snuggles in from the other side, I'm a well-loved mommy :)

But don't let the cooperative hugginess lull you into thinking she's a creampuff. She may be tiny, and look harmless, but under that diminutive exterior is one headstrong, opinionated and strong-willed little person. And I say that in the nicest, most positive way. Like her aunt before her, Miss O's motto should be "I may be small, but I'm tough."

(Honestly, I think it makes her just *that* much more endearing)


pam said...

Miss O is perhaps the second neatest kid I know - her sister being the first. And speaking of her sister, she is beginning to look more like Bean as she gets older. You are one lucky mommy having those two little darlins!

PropellerHeadMom said...

Nice picture! My 3 year old just started preschool. He loves to show me his report and say, "Look mom, it says NO NAP".

Eclectic Mama said...

Ooh, I love strong women. Especially one in pink ballet outfits!

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