Lie to me.

Le sigh.

The behavior gods giveth, and the behavior gods taketh away.

Julia, were yours better today? Because Bean hooked her new teachers up with a dose of turdliness and I got the somewhat judgy "you can't negotiate with her, it has to be 'what I say goes'" kind of lecture.

But seriously, how do you not cut this face some negotiating slack now and then?

It's hard to see, but Bean's hair is very pink. The director at the school (the one person really seems to get Bean) took her to the wonderful Miss Kate's room so Bean could show off her hair :)

I know she's gotta be a pain in the rear to "teach", but damn, Sam, what's wrong with allowing her some negotiating room and some control? I'm not going to crack down and break her, if that's what the new teacher is expecting. Bean is Pinkalicious, Funkadelic and fan-freakin'-tastic at her core - and sooner or later, she'll mellow out a little.

Right? (You can lie to me if you need to.)


Eclectic Mama said...

Right. You're right. Yes, you're right. Really. Absolutely. Right, right, right.

Really, she WILL mellow out . A little.

But would you really want her to mellow out so much she's no longer Pinkalicious, Funkadelic, and fan-freakin'-tastic? Uh uh.

Julia said...

Actually mine were a little better behaved so I suppose they took up the universe's allotment for "good" children. :-) We so need to teach the kids to share the wealth.

Age and life experience mellow out a person, right? So by that logic, Bean will figure it out one day.

aceiatx said...

I don't believe in breaking children. We live our lives needing to be able to negotiate successfully. Its an important skill. The trick is teaching our little ones to know when it is appropriate to negotiate and when it is not.

My 3 yr old especially needs to learn that negotiation does not mean keep asking for the moon until I give in. They need to learn compromise, but I have not yet figured out how to communicate that to him.

I would put this back on the teacher and challenge her to help you teach Bean about compromising.

Like with the naptime issue, she needs to understand that allowing her to play quietly by herself or in another room is a compromise. Maybe she needs something to help her remember to be quiet and not talk during that time... something like a timer that she can see or a special 'be quiet' ring that she learns she can only wear while being quiet.

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