Coffee - the non-relationship drink of choice

Mommy: "Is dropping your Pony worth having a hissy fit over?"
Bean: "No. Love is the only thing that matters."

So in spite of my fears that I'm totally screwing her up, I get glimpses that I'm doing something right now and then. If she gets that love's all that matters, her mama might be saying a few things right.

In that spirit, I have a few coffee dates this weekend. I'm pretty excited; we've had some great email conversations, and they're animal lovers, so they have a few points in their favor already: intelligent conversation, they make me laugh and they like animals.

I thought it somewhat apropos when yesterday, as I took out the trash, I spotted something on the garage floor. It turned out to be a tiny little "love" charm that I had lost a few weeks ago.

Okay, totally *in*appropriate aside, but is anyone else completely unable to look at the word teabag without having Sex in the City flashbacks? And yet, someone actually used "Tea Baggers" in their Twitter status. No lie. And not in a SITC sense, which makes it doubly funny.

(And no, I am not defining/explaining this if it makes no sense to you. All I can say is that can be your friend.)

I am almost crying I'm laughing so hard right now. Nothing better than starting a morning with rain AND something like this.


Julia said...

Always love a SITC reference. That's what we should do. Gather the girls, pour some wine, and watch the SITC DVDs. I've got all of them!

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