I don't stand for this kind of malarkey in my house!

Thanks so much for the fabulous four-ness support, ladies. To all the moms who've survived the effing fours, my hat's off to you. To those of us still entrenched in them, I have vodka and gin.

And if anyone has any idea *how* I can get my big girl to sit down and be quiet when it's time for naps at preschool, I'd be eternally grateful. The school ixnayed my suggestion of tranquilizer darts, and the special horse book I sent with her doesn't do the trick. But she's consistently disrupting naptime and that has to make her (sained, IMO) teachers lives' miserable - not only do they have my expressive bundle of joy, they have a bunch of sleep-deprived four-year-olds to cope with for the afternoon.

I'm passing along the Kreativ Blogger award to two ladies whose blogs I love.

First, the endlessly talented Meredith over at the~spirit~of~the~river, whose writing is always breathtaking, creative and real.

I'm also tapping Theta Mom, Heather, because I love her blog and her authenticity.

Thanks again to Camile for the award, and to Meredith and Heather for the fabulous reading material!


Eclectic Mama said...

Will they let her do some non-sleeping activity during nap time? Is there another room she could go to? Will they let her listen to a story on headphones?

Maybe you can make her a special "Nap Box," which includes some special things that she loves (this could be whatever she likes, like fancy markers or stickers). If she sits quietly and uses her box, then she gets it again the next day. If not, she has to "nap" with the other kids. If you try the box, I'd suggest changing things around regularly so that she doesn't know what will be in it from day to day and thus keeping its contents a surprise.

Just some thoughts.

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