I have a Ph.D. in horribleness!

So, we took Bean to see the therapist I was seeing post-divorce, and after observing Bean and hearing Dave and I do the rundown on the behavior issue, the therapist determined that Bean ...



is four years old.

Le sigh.

While I'm glad she's okay, that we haven't scarred her for life with either craptastic parenting or divorce craziness, I was kinda hoping ... I dunno ... psychosis. schizophrenia. hangnail. *something*. Something that was treatable through something other than me trying to be a better parent. Because, truly? Schizophrenia woulda been easier.

But me having to be more patient, not yell, not enter into power struggles with her? Me having to be more restrained, be a grown up? Ugh.

Today's title comes from one of my favoritest musicals, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. And it's on hulu.com, so if you've missed it before, you can see it now. And I can watch it again. And possibly again. And maybe one more time.


Amanda Fowle said...

Ah, four. It's lovely. You may have seen this because I saw it on a FB comment (but can't remember whose, so it could be a mutual friend.)


Forget the terrible twos. It's the fucking fours that getcha. :-)

morethanamom2four said...

I think 4 may actually be the terrible 2s TIMES 2 (hundred). Hazel challenges me on EVERY thing these days.

Andrea said...

This made me smile.


Lisa Beth said...

Yeah, that's the worst when everyone is telling you "it's just a phase, it'll pass. All kids go through this" and you are wondering why you never see anyone else's kids acting like a monster. We saw a child psychologist with our son as well and when we were there I kept wondering who he was really evaluating. Me or my kid? Paranoia sux.

Victoria said...

Amanda, that linky was perfect. Thank you!

Four year olds = The Devil. On steroids. And with a serious crack habit. Y'all can lay odds on my making it all the way through Miss O's 4's, too.

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