Do you see my resolve face? You've seen it before, you know what it means.

Ah. A new year. That means resolutions and promises to do things differently.

Not for me. I don't know what it is about resolutions that rub me wrong, but they do. Maybe it's the pressure to fulfill them. Maybe it's the hollowness of most resolutions. Maybe it's just like the whole "It's the *one* time of year to be good to others" kind of vibe that's perpetuated around Christmas: I try to be good to others all year, and I try to change what I want to change all year.

But I do want this year to be different.

[Random aside, Mike Rowe's show tonight has him castrating sheep. Doesn't make him any less hot.]

Like I said, I do want this year to be different. I want to cross whatever magic threshold I have to cross to be okay again. How, when and where that happens, I don't know. I don't know if it'll be a clouds parting, sun shining kind of moment or if it'll be just some subtle thing that I wake up one day and realize. However it plays out, it's not something that lends itself well to resolutions, thankfully.

How 'bout y'all? Any resolutions? Or are you pitching your tent (snicker) in the no resolution camp?


Joelle said...

Haven't done resolutions in years. Instead always look back over what I've accomplished the year before. Cuz that's really what it's about, right? Not what I *HOPE* to do, but what I *ACTUALLY* do... And I think setting myself up for more failure than I already experience on a weekly basis is just silly.

Julia said...

I don't make actual resolutions, but I just have a vague notion of what I'd like to work on based on the previous year.

Vivian said...

I left "resolutions" behind long ago... Still, I want to work on being at peace with who I am and what I have at any given moment, without being complacent. Does that make sense? They seem to be opposing ideas. I know there is much that I could be better at... being healthier, more patient with the kids, yada, yada. Yet, I really do need to learn to be at peace with who I am and what I could do today. We shall see...

Oh, and I can't imagine anything that would make Mike Rowe less hot! : )

Amanda Fowle said...

I'm not a resolver, either, but I do like to use the new year as a time to reorganize what isn't working. Of course, I have to do that often.

And I am so pop-culturally illiterate that I had to google Mike Rowe.

. said...

Ack, Amanda, how could you not know who Mike Rowe is?

. said...

Huh. No idea why my google profile name is "." but whatevah. That comment was from me.


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