I do. Sometimes, think that far ahead.

I had a 'woe is me' post scheduled for this a.m. already, but just saw this topic come across a sensory disorder mailing list - has anyone heard of Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities in Gifted Children?

Most of these categories describe Bean with eerie accuracy. Eerie. I've read that sensory disorders are more prevalent in gifted kids, but stuff like this puts me on a circuitous "chicken - egg" thought pattern: does the giftedness cause the disorder, or vice-versa? Can the disorder be calmed by feeding the overexcitability? Is this just another shade of lipstick I'm putting on the SPD pig?

I can relate to so much of what I'm learning about Bean, especially the emotional liabilities of giftedness, since I did the gifted thing starting in 4th grade. I keep thinking I don't want to let her down, or miss something or, worse, mishandle something and give her some of the same difficulties I had.

And still have.

(Quote from "Chosen")


Vivian said...

Yes. I read Dabrowski's work in grad school when I was getting my certification in Gifted ed. Without ever having met Bean, your descriptions of her has screamed "GIFTED KID" to me from the start. Of course, you should continue exploring SPD. Still, if I were you I'd look into schools for gifted kids, as well. A good teacher trained to work with Gifted kids, knows how differentiate all aspects of the school environment. Again, Victoria, I don't know Bean, so takes this for what it's worth.

EarthybirthySurro said...

Have you ever heard of Functional Disconnect Syndrome? We originally had Lyss dx'ed as SPD, and then this year Kiki was dx'ed as ADHD. Then a friend recommended a book called 'Disconnected Kids' by Dr. Robert Melillo. I have just started it and am very interested in his theories. Thought i'd suggest it

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