It's like we're sisters!


As I was cleaning the kitchen tonight, I asked the Big Girl to read to Little One. She obliged happily, but Smalls didn't want to give up her book. Biggie picked up a different book and offered to read that to her instead, and Smalls agreed. They looked at pictures and numbers, and then the together time devolved into rougher pursuits.

It has occurred to me, on more than one occasion, that having a sensory-seeker for a big sister must be pretty cool for Smalls. Because the games they played tonight all consisted of Bean essentially being sat and jumped on, with Miss O giggling and Bean encouraging her to keep bouncing. Miss O was either born to fulfill the role, or has just adapted marvelously, because she cheerfully follows big sister's lead, be it reading, singing the A, B, C song or whatever it is they're doing now that results in giggles and muffled voices.

How do they love each other? Let me count the ways ... actually, that shouldn't take long, as Bean often tells me she doesn't like Miss O or want her around or want to be with her or ... well, you get the idea.

But sometimes they have a moment, like at the Waco Zoo a couple months ago

Or playing at home

Or making new friends

And I think they might just be okay.

Relatively speaking, of course.


Mary said...

My girls have the same love/hate relationship, but they still insist on sleeping in the same room together and it's very rare that they will be in different rooms doing different things. We have to tell them to give each other some space when they start bickering. My sisters were all so much older than me (8, 16, and 18 yrs older) so watching my kids, who are so close in age, is interesting. Their relationship is so different from my experience growing up.

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