Say! You all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?

Being around Bean can mean experiencing the highest highs and lowest lows.

She stayed with me Friday night; we had a blissful afternoon, and easy dinner, she fell asleep within 5 minutes and then was up at 5:30 (yay.) We went on a deer/horse drive, then had our now-standard Saturday morning J&J's breakfast tacos. Then Target, a trip out to grandma and grandpa's to drop off grandpa's b-day card, and then back to her dad's. All freak-out free. One crying jag at Target that lasted less than 5 minutes, but no kicking, running away, screaming ...

Her behavior and self-control, when it's just her + an adult or two is very different from her behavior when she has to share adults with Miss O, and *vastly* different from her behavior in a group setting. The stuff that she does at school is stuff that's just inconceivable when she and I are alone together. If it's just her and I, I feel like we could do just about anything, go just about anywhere, without incident. It's what makes me think about doing a mommy and Bean long weekend somewhere.

I'm so thankful for these one-on-one times, because they give me a big block of time where I can just relax and enjoy her. Time when I remember what an amazing person she is, and how incredibly lucky I am to be her mommy. When I'm in the thick of it, it can be hard to remember how loving and generous and forgiving her heart is. And that sucks, because, honestly? She's the best there is.

(Quote from one of my all-time favorite Buffy epis, "Doppelgängland")


pam said...

Beautifully said, mommy and I couldn't agree more. Bean is the most enjoyable, enlightening, loving and sweet little girl I have ever had the joy of having in my life!:)

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