Actually, you were sleeping the sleep of the knocked unconscious.

Back to my uber-exciting social life. I know y'all were hanging on the edges of your seats waiting for it. It's okay to admit it, embrace it and holler your "don't open that web site, girl!"s at the monitor. I 'talk' at people online, too.

I'll work on getting more silly pictures of me; pictures that are at least moderately flattering and don't make me look like Pizza the Hut ... even with just the one pic, tho, I'm pretty popular. Not always with people I'd like to be popular with, as I've landed my share of rugged outdoorsmen, and there's really nothing about me that says "let's go butcher a deer." Yanno?

My bleary-headed-ness this morning must mean the the girls are back. After 5 nights of good sleep, I'm trying to function after going to sleep at 10:30, waking at 11:30, waking again at 12:30 and being up for at least an hour, waking at 3:30 and being up for a good half hour, and then starting the day at 6:30. The first three wake-ups were courtesy of the lovely Miss O, the 3:30 was Bean, waking and realizing she was alone in there and 6:30 was O again.

I can't be too mad at O this time, as she was waking with a cough that shounded a bit like a restricted airway. I've back of my head suspected she's allergic or reactive to *something* over here (no-one say cats - there are 4 of them and maybe one or two would have even a remote chance of finding a good home if I had to place them). Both girls came home with some congestion, so I need to check with Dave on whether she was coughing like this at his place.


It's still good to have them back. I haven't seen them since I dropped them off at school last Thursday a.m.

Melissa, did I ever answer your question re: custody? I can't remember ...

Ooo - just got a text from the boss offering to pick up coffee and breakfast tacos. Salvation.


Jen said...

What on earth is a breakfast taco?

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