I love you more than all the other fishes.

Man, Tuesday was rough; O woke me up a bit overnight Monday and into Tuesday, so I netted about 5 hours of interrupted sleep if I was lucky. Last night, I fell asleep with them and dozed from maybe 8:30-9:15, then got up for an hour before I went back to sleep.

And was up at 2:00. For no reason. And couldn't get back to sleep. I was yawning and tired, but subconsciously, I think, I was waiting for O to wake up, so I couldn't fall back to sleep. At 2:45, I was 'rewarded' - but it was Bean who woke up. I brought her to my room, took off her splints and eventually fell back to sleep.

O didn't make a peep until close to 5. Yay O! Boo mommy for being so conditioned to waking up :(

Some Beanisms:

Monday night, as I tucked her in and said goodnight, she kissed me and whispered: You're the greatest mommy I've ever seen!

Monday night again, when I left to get some cleaning done;
Mommy: I have to go clean. Sleep well. I love you!
Bean: I love you, too. Clean well.

Tuesday morning, coloring me a picture and scribbling some 'writing': This says dear mother, you read stories very nicely and very calmly. Sparkly Toola Roola is only for the girls. Sincerely, Bean.

She cracks me up.

Both girls started hot lunch delivery at school this week. Dave inadvertently packed a fail-safe lunch Monday a.m. (he forgot) so the girls missed out on Monday, but receceive their lunches yesterday. Bean did great, eating all of hers, and even O ate most of hers. They had beef taco roll-ups, corn and pears, all big hits with my kiddos. Today is supposed to be fish sticks, so I switched the girls to the vegetarian menu (veggie nuggets) instead, just in case they have issues with fish. They've gotten small amounts of seafood with me and I haven't seen an issue, but I don't want them to eat a ton of fish at school, KWIM? Their dad is pretty seriously allergic to it (or was, he had allergy testing a while back that said he *wasn't*, but I don't know if he's really tested that theory), so I worry they will develop issues as well.

Bean had happy faces all over her daily report - for eating well, for taking an hour and a half nap and for having a "great day today!"

She's cracking me up - she's named one of her Ponies "Flower Tuna" and she keeps talking in third person about what Flower Tuna and Pinkie are doing. Not Pinkie Pie, because she knows she doesn't have the 'official' Pinkie Pie. This one is just Pinkie. And Flower Tuna. Y'all just missed the Flower Tuna song ... priceless.


Julia said...

So your kids like the school lunches? I haven't tried with C just because she is particular about how her food is served. It has to look a certain way.

Flower Tuna. LOVE IT! I am sure between Bean and C, the two have some hilarious Pony names.

Jen said...

Flower Tuna? LOL!

Jen said...

BTW, I'll likely be in Austin Sept 24-25 of this year for a conference. I'd love to meet you!

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