And now for something completely different ...


After forever without rain, we get hail + thunder right at bedtime. Thankfully, O went to sleep pretty easily, but Bean didn't.

Brought her out to watch the hail, and checked the weather only to see dopplers indicating possible tornadoes way too close for comfort. Started to do a little "just in case" bathroom prep, told Bean she could help by putting what she cared about in there. In retrospect, prolly not such a great idea, as death my My Little Pony impalement would have *really* pissed me off.

The tornadoes skipped us, but the 15-20 minutes of hail finally did at least a small part of my roof in. I've got water dripping from the a/c vent in the eat-in-kitchen. You know - on the tile. Which is sooo safe when it has puddle on it.

So I was doing basic bathroom prep and Bean was making repeated trips with Ponies when I heard her fall and *smack* the floor. I got out there, helped her up and realized that she was dripping blood. I first checked her mouth, then nose and then saw the little gash on her noggin :( Head wounds really bleed ... I kept her up about 30 minutes after, she seemed fine, pupils were even, she was coherent, no nausea.

Note to self - when Bean is told to put what she cares about in the bathroom, that's a lot of trips and she may run to get all her horses and MLPs in there. Next time, let her watch the hail ad don't tell her what's going on.

So, tomorrow's to-do list? Call insurance company, call roofer. The fun just never ends.


Julia said...

The MLPs, hilarious. The head gash, not so hilarious. If I asked Chloe to do the same, she'd haul all her ponies to the tub too. Can you imagine, the pair of us, death by Rainbow Dash? Sweet.

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