I am too. damn. busy these days ... I'm just going to do a quick update and try to get back to the blog later.

Discussion at Bean's school went well. Long story short, Bean's back in the 3-3.5 classroom while the owners/director handle the situation as they see fit. We've been asked not to talk about Fight Club, so I'll just let it go for now. When the situation changes. I'll fill y'all in.

Bean is delighted with the demotion - she walks into that class and gets treated like a rock star by all the kids. When I picked her up Friday, the teacher gushed about how great Bean was all day - not sure if she's going out of her way to be a cheerleader or not, but whatevah. If they treat Bean well, that's all I care about.

More later, just didn't want to go another day without at least a brief update. Thanks for all the support for Bean and I!


Julia said...

Glad to hear all this. I saw her on Fri when I stopped in to see C at lunch, and Bean had the biggest grin on her face. The owner opened the door for her to run out and give me a hug. She looked happy.

Jen said...

Good. Sounds like Bean is much better off in that class.

Stefany said...

I am so glad Bean is happy!!!

Cindy said...

Thank goodness she's happier :) I know she really didn't want to leave M's class.

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