You're here on a date?

Points to Miss O again - she did wake up once around 9:30, but after 5-10 minutes was back to sleep and slept until around 5:45. She (and I) would have probably slept later if Bean hadn't gotten up to play at some point, and started banging Ponies on the table in her attempt to "get it all ready and make everything beautiful."

Because it would have been tragic if the Ponies were in disarray.

Dave's got the girls again this weekend, starting tonight. And I need to figure out how to find a date. Or dates. Or at least some single chicks to go hang out with, and not the crowd I was with last weekend. If I thought my odds of success were low to begin with, they did nothing to improve my average. They may have dug it deeper in the hole ...

I am so, so out of practice on the whole single social thing. eHarmony? Meh. I might try one of the other online dating dealies, but I'm not necessarily looking for lifelong compatibility here - I just want to go on some dates. And if I go too much longer without dating, I'm afraid my standards will start circling the drain.


odin&zephyrsmama said...

I used and it was exactly what I shopping was interesting and even more fun to do with some girl friends and some wine ;) I had my next door neighbor over (who is in college) and my babysitter (who is in college) and a single mom friend and we had a great time ;) Then, the dates were entertaining as long as I didn't take it too seriously...just something to do...eharmony is too expensive and not that much better in terms of selection. Even just getting winks in my in box was entertaining and just make sure you don't let the uuuugly and old ones get you down. You can always go see live music alone without feeling awkward and have a really good time...

Vivian said...

I agree, I had one of the best summers a few years back. countless dates, lots of fun. Even the weird dates are now funny stories. And in the end I met my kids' dad that way. A friend of mine meet her husband on
In the end, it's good way to meet men, just for fun. I'd do it again.

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