What are you, pissed?

Sometimes I wonder if Bean is psychic.

Psychic. Not o.

While I am struggling with the whole 'what do I do about preschool?' dilemma, she solved a big chunk of it for me by relating this about her fabulous teacher. You know, the one who tells kids they are babies, who told Bean she was acting like a two-year-old when she cried ...

Out of the blue this a.m., the following convo with Bean:

B: When I cry at school, or when Alex cries or when Tasha cries, all the kids look at me us.
M: Why do they look at you?
B: Because Miss A tells them to stop, be quiet and look at us.
M: Really. What does she say?
B: "Everyone listen to Bean(/Alex/Tasha)"
M: And what do the kids do?
B: They look at me and they smile.

I left it at that this a.m., because I just wasn't sure what to do with it ... but as they day progressed, my initial 'let it go' thought was replaced by a growing anger. As I drove to the school, I called my mom for her take, and she was pretty unhappy with the notion. She suggested I call Dave and let him know.

So instead of going in full-bore, I had to wait to talk to him. That's probably better, because sometimes I shoot a little too quickly from the hip.

On the way home, I talked with Bean about it more and learned that the kids smile and laugh, they sing "Bean is a baby", tho supposedly Miss A tells them not to. (A bit like closing the barn door after the cows have gone, if she's setting Bean up for ridicule and shame in the damn first place.) I also learned that Miss A's actual pronouncement is more like "STOP! Everyone look at Bean (Alex, Tasha) cry because they really like to scream and whine." Nice. Real effing nice.

There are three kids who don't mock Bean during all this (Julia, C is one of them. Ayssa and Mia are the other two), but the others do. The saddest part to me, almost sadder than what happens to my own kid, is that the Tasha that's being exposed to this is new, and crying because she misses her parents, according to Bean. Seriously. Let's definitely mock that ... awesome teacher.

Okay ... I talked to Dave and now I'm supposed to be mellowing on this so I can go in tomorrow and do the teaser "her dad and I are very concerned and want a meeting" thing with the school owners (I just can't take the acting director seriously, for whatever reason ... ), and not ratcheting myself up so I can go in roaring in full mama Bear mode ...


Julia said...

Dude, I would be all hopping mad, and I know that the "Bean is a baby" thing happens for sure because Chloe tells me about it and makes a big deal that she doesn't call Bean that. (She knows that I'd take away every Pony and then some if she did.) I'm sorry that it has come to this level of humiliation. If you're planning to stick it out at the school, you've got 2 more months until the transition.

Jen said...

Vick, I'd be pissed. Poor Bean. That woman has NO business teaching preschool. What a wench.

Jen Barnes said...

Ditto what Jen said. ... No business at all being a teacher (of any age) at all... none.

Kelly said...

Vick, I'm so sorry about this. This teacher seriously does not need to be teaching pre-school aged children. All children, ALL children develop differently and have different emotional needs. What Bean needs is someone to get on her level and assure her that it is o.k. to cry but perhaps even better, help her figure out how to solve the problem she is having without crying. Someone to understand her and guide her not to make her feel like she's doing something wrong. Where in the world does it state that crying is wrong when you are 4 years old?

Dawn said...

OH MY GOD! I would be FURIOUS! That is NOT how you treat small children!!! How dare she treat those (and your) kids like that - and to encourage the others to taunt them?!? That is insane Vick - I hope you get a meeting set and something changed soon. Those poor kids - ugh. I am so sorry Bean is having to deal with this (and you). Oh man. Now I am all riled up....grrrrrr!!! That is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Amanda Fowle said...

Agree with all the othere here. That is unacceptable.

Libby said...

Totally unacceptable! No one deserves to be treated that way. And people wonder why kids can be so mean. I know of a great school out in Georgetown..he he.

Vivian said...

GET BEAN OUT OF THERE! I'm a teacher. I've taught preschoolers. This teacher is completely beyond inappropriate. She obviously hasn't a clue about children, developing a class culture of kindness and understanding and is clueless on what is developmentally appropriate. It would be wildly inappropriate for my 5th graders never mind preschoolers. I'd wage a campaign for her dismissal.

Stefany said...

That is horrible. HORRIBLE!

Cindy said...

dude, I'm so sorry. I knew it wasn't good when I saw Isabel in the front office one afternoon with the directors and Miss A, but I had no idea. I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this and more so for poor Isabel. That positively sucks that they don't know how to better discipline.

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