I'm a leaf on the wind...watch how I soar.

A convo with Bean this a.m.

Bean: Do you like the Earth?
Mommy: Yes.
Bean: A lot?
Mommy: Yes.
Bean: I like the Earth all the way to the Moon and back. That's how much I like the Earth.
My little eco-warrior in training :)

The girls were on TV this a.m. ... tho just barely: http://bit.ly/ADJxj ... if you look closely in the baby room, you can see O climbing on me instead of participating; in the gym, there are a couple quick shots of Bean. Both girls love doing yoga, in spite of what O shows the KXAN viewership. In the baby yoga room, the camera guy commented that it was like herding cats - I told him cats were easier.

Bean executed her poses not a the flow-y, leaf-on-the-wind way, but instead in a choppy, jump-to-it way. My girl is not a flow-y girl. But she really enjoys it and often breaks out my yoga mat at home. She's dubbed my favorite pose (warrior) "star wars pose", combining the star pose with it :)

I've been feeling kinda down about the divorce lately; a vastly improved relationship with Dave has kind of blurred my edges and made me nostalgic and a bit sad. And it seems everything I stumble upon online just does something to underscore it. I hope no-one takes it to mean that our much friendlier divorce needs to change - because I don't want that at all. It's just a new adjustment for me. We went through such a rough period of interaction that the return to the post-divorce relationship we said we wanted has been really nice; but because it's so much smoother, it makes the reasons for divorce a little less clear.


Stefany said...

That totally makes sense. I understand what you are saying. Hugs.

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