And the weird behavior award goes to...

Check me out - I'm fabulous :)

Thanks Stefany @ To.Be.Thode for the tag, the award and the sweet comments :)

Now I have to list 5 obsessions and tag 5 folks to name theirs ... hmmmm ...

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I just love everything about this show, even tho it's been off the air for years now. I use quotes from the show all the time as my blog titles (mixed in with a random movie or Douglas Adams quote here and there), and I still chuckle over lines I've heard and read a gazillion times. I haven't watched my full-season DVD set in awhile, but I keep thinking that I need to, since it helped me find my mojo a while back when I was in a similar slump.

2. Twitter - especially the links I find there. I follow like 100 folks, a lot of whom are big names in SEO, social media, web stuff, etc. And ever so often, I get spontaneous follows from folks who make me think "wow, I must seem kinda cool ..." But I follow links and read what folks have to say throughout the day, and really love the whole concept of Twitter. Love it.

3. Books - sadly, my voracious book appetite has taken quite the hit this year with my return to work; after reading like 120 some odd books last year, I'll be lucky to finish maybe 70 this year. But I love reading books.

4. Not taking sh*t from people - I don't know what it is about me, but I can be like a dog with a bone if I feel someone is trying to take advantage of me, or deliberately misconstruing what I say or just being a douche. It's kind of an all-consuming thing, where I do get obsessed with whatever the topic is, and will flog a dead horse until all that's left is a couple bones to make my point. It's an obsession and one of my bigger personality flaws ...

5. Mommyhood - I read books, blogs, web sites, magazines ... I talk to friends, my mom, other parents ... I want to get things "right", even though I know "right" changes from child to child - hell, it changes from day to day for each individual child. Yet I keep reading, asking, thinking in some obsessive pursuit to get it right

So in lieu of therapy for my nuttiness, I blog. And make others confess their own special little quirks :) I'm passing the award, and the meme, along to:

Julia, of Little Austinite fame. Because I know she's as weirdly obsessive about stuff as I am :) Her personal blog is private, but check out LA instead!

Shannon, over at But Aren't You Afraid, who definitely deserves an award for all kinds of stuff!

Dawn, who not only takes fab photos and produces a weekely podcast, but also blogs about her family's Fry Moments.

The oh-so-busy Jen of Cheeky Monkeys, who really doesn't need another way to procrastinate about getting ready for her class!

My fab cousin, Rebecca, who needs some excuse to get her rear in gear and Remember to update her blog with what's going on in her life and in her head!

So get busy showing your crazy, ladies, so I don't feel so exposed :)


Stefany said...


You know I love you Vick!

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