I wasn't gonna use violence. I don't always use violence. Do I?

Doing clean up the other night, Bean observed: "There are 34 Bristle Blocks, mommy."

So, naturally, I asked if she had counted all of them, to which she replied: "No, I used my imagination and I counted them in my brain! I practice-ed, and practice-ed until I got it right."

Not bad, kiddo.

Sadly, as we discussed what she was bringing for show-and-tell, she decided on baby Cheerilee, the fan-flippin-tastic talking MLP she got for her bday. Not her take-apart human torso, not her tree book, not her body puzzle or even her "biology book with the baby being born!". I'd have been happy if she even took the "mommy" horse, whose boobs were actually boy parts. But no. Baby Cheerilee. Ah well, she is only 4 after all.

So I dropped her off Wednesday morning, and reminded her the next two nights were with daddy, as I had a couple functions to attend.

Wednesday night was some 'Texas Music & Film Playmakers Social' at The Ranch downtown. I wasn't looking forward to the event, but ended up having a blast and meeting a few interesting folks. Last night I was supposed to go to a Door64 happy hour, but ended up leaving work early because I felt like crap - no fever, just a lot of nausea. I was also smelling The Smell all day long, even at work.

I'm a bit better today, and thankfully, no Smell, but I may be in for a parent-teacher conference later today. More on this when I'm not about to head to work, but apparently, Bean had a meltdown and kicked a teacher, then, as she was running away, kicked a kid's head. She also whacked her dad in the face. I need to understand how it all went down, get the teachers' sides and get Bean's side, but I'm a bit perplexed how to handle this, and wondering if anyone else is seeing/has seen stuff like this around 4 years and how they handle(d) it ...



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