The point is, I haven't even broken a sweat.

Ladies, thanks for the comments letting me know I'm not alone in my struggles with fourliness. (Yeah. I made that up. So what?). Having heard from my BFF that 5 sucks, too, and six is when it "gets better" (last I heard she's still waiting on the "better"), I've decided that the only reasonable course of action is to bleach out the toilets in prep of swirlies of doom.

It's hard to remember that Bean still has amazing moments, and she still says awesome stuff, like when I picked her up today and she hugged me, then blurted out "Mommy! You peed in your pants!" And then I got to explain butt-sweat to her, and her preschool teacher, and about 5 *other* preschoolers, since I didn't want anyone thinking I had, indeed, wet 'em.

(Loudly) "Mommy didn't pee in her pants, she was just driving with the windows down and got sweaty from sitting in the seat"

(Note to self: sit on towel next time, or do windows-down in summer on days you *don't* pick up Bean.)

A hippie-in-training, she has mad love for the "baby redbud tree" at school, says hi to willow trees (and loves them because they "look like (my) cat, Willow") when we're out and asks for leaves from every tree she knows.

She shares, unprompted, with Miss O, when Miss O is upset in the car. Bean will talk to her in a soothing voice and, one by one, give her everything she has or that she can reach.

She has this soft, gentle yet almost-condescending voice she uses when she explains things to me, where it's like she's talking to a temperamental, yet high-functioning, hamster. It's sweet and somewhat demeaning all at once. It's the voice that I imagine she used when she and Dave had a conversation the other day about her finger-sucking and how it's impacting her dentition.

(Paraphrased, from conversations with Dave) He told her that she needed to stop the finger-sucking because it was giving her an overbite, and she essentially thanked him for his concern, but said her teeth were different than his and she liked them that way, thank you very much. he said "she was polite and dismissive at the same time." I'd kill to have that on video ...

Oh, and she just told Max "You're such a turd-y cat. We're going to have to take you back to the animal shelter because you're doing unkind things."

Defining awful: "Like if I got killed, that would be awful. That's what awful means."

When I told her cell walls give leaves structure, she said: "Structure means strong. I know that already. Structure starts with S and strong starts with S, that's why they mean the same thing."


Kelly said...

yes, well we are on our 4th day of school (1st grade) and this morning i had the chance to just ask Reese's teacher how its going. She has been teaching for over 30 years and she said she has never had a child yell at her but she said that they are working through it (i have gotten very lucky with her teacher this year). 4th f-ing day of school Vick! I must be the worst mother in the world that I cannot get this child to cool her jets. I explained to the teacher that Reese is not intimidated and her teacher agreed with me and thanked me for being so open to disucssions about the behavior situation. I swear, you describing Bean and the way she talks is EXACTLY like Reese. Reese always makes me look in her eyes "mommy, are you looking at me" and then proceeds to speak to me like I have the intelligence of a grape. On the other hand, she's f-ing awesome. She's so sweet and loving and smart and compassionate and empathetic. I can't beleive the stuff she says and she has me in stitches all the time. I keep holding out hope that she will eventually mature enough to know that she can't scream and yell when she doesn't get her way. I'm sure by the time she goes to college, she'll be fine. I love ya, hang in there and you are doing great!

Oh, and on the finger sucking thing, she'll stop on her own. Kate sucked her finger until she was between 6 & 7. One day, she'll just stop. The damage is done as far as her teeth and mouth are concerned, but to fix that up is not that bad (both of my girls as you know have had expanders and retainers to widen their mouths) and it is painless for them.

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