The things we do for love

I'm just a love machine ...

Y'all know I suffer through all the online dating crap, so when eHarmony added a new little "here's how we psychoanalyze you in a handful of questions" quiz, I couldn't help taking it.

Those who know me well will know that this quiz actually hit the nail on the head. Apparently my "love style" is grounded and I'm realistic about what makes a long-term relationship work, "forging a love based on friendship and respect". I "believe that a true partnership is about sharing responsibility and being able to count on one another." I'm also "looking for a love that lasts. Unswerving loyalty comes naturally, and when (I) say 'I do', it will be for keeps."

Well huh. All that from a quiz that asks you to select what picture represents what feeling.


Rebecca said...

Don't you just love those things?

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