Hey! I'm feeling some serious negative energy in this room


What a weekend. Yesterday I medicated myself into feeling decent, but the combo of everything settling in my chest and exhaustion has left me feeling completely drained. Today, thankfully, Dave didn't have much going on and could take the girls a bit early and give me some time to veg out on the couch and relax a bit. Tonight I'll be able to get a little done, have a healthy dinner and get some sleep. Since I start work in a few days, I really need to start feeling better!

Miss O is doing better. After reading a lot on pneumonia, I'm not sold on that having been the issue, but the antibiotic she's on is pretty broad-spectrum and would address bronchitis or an ear infection as well, so as long as the fever wasn't due to kidney issues, it's a win-win. She started to improve within 24 hours of starting the antibiotic, and now just has an occasional cough and a little congestion. Way better than where she was on Wednesday.

On Thursday Bean had a screening ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys and there was some fluid in her kidneys, prompting the urologist to suggest a VCUG for her, as well. I'm not sure how much fluid, but apparently enough that it raised concern.

O's u/s and VCUG didn't show any hydronephrosis that I recall, so it's possible Bean has a higher degree of reflux than O does. However, she's asymptomatic, so I'm hoping it's just a fluke thing and when she has the VCUG (insert serious frowny face here) it shows no issues.

I'm tellin' ya - my kids are defective. At least Miss O doesn't show any sign of toe-walking ...

We had a first birthday party to attend yesterday, and I had to leave early because Bean just fell apart on me. She was being a bit turdly, not sharing well, that kind of thing, but nothing major. Then I watched her yank something from her sister. When I yanked it back, Bean called me stupid, and then when I told her it was time to go, she started to take off. I caught her and she turned and walloped me in the shoulder with a closed fist. Well, that sealed the departure deal.

She was tired, but 3:00 is just too late to start a nap. So we came home, did an early dinner, bath time and an early bedtime, since O missed her afternoon nap. I'm transitioning her to one nap/day since that's all they do at daycare. I've got to transition them to a later bedtime, as well, since the 6:30-7:00 deal won't work with me picking them up at 5:30. We won't be done with dinner until 6:30-7:00!

My heart was hurting for Bean on Friday. Thursday while O was napping Bean covered about 1/3 of my kitchen table, as well as a great quantity of her leg and arm skin, with green marker. The table cleaned up much more easily than she did, so when she went to school Friday, she still had tons of green marker on her. Several of the kids sang "Bean's a baby" at her, and one kid scratched her and told her she wasn't her friend.

The baby song really, really pissed me off. Why? Yeah, kids are cruel, but the kids learned this from the teacher calling kids babies, IMO. Since she has, on more than one occasion, used 'you're a baby' to admonish children in her class when they do something she doesn't like, she has, to my way of thinking, taught the kids a way to pick on each other. Pisses. Me. Off.

The scratching thing bugs me, too. This is the second time Bean's been scratched, with broken skin, and no incident report. I mean, hell's bell's, I had to sign a report when Bean did an incidental contact scratch on a friend a long while back, but here are two deliberate scratches, that Bean says her teachers knew about, and no reports. But since I've already complained about this teacher once, I don't want to sound like I have a grudge against her ... I mean, I don't like her, I'll be honest, but that isn't why this stuff bugs me. Having my daughter tell me "No-one likes me. They all said they weren't my friend and sang the baby song" is why this stuff bugs me.


Julia said...

Well, you be sure to tell me if my kid is one of the ones who ever joins in on the teasing because I won't stand for it. I would be all in the teacher's face over the name calling and scratching. Want me to scratch up the kid who scratched up your kid? I *know* where she lives. :-)

wrongshoes said...

That school stuff is not cool at all, and that teacher sounds like bad news.

I hope you all are feeling better soon...

Victoria said...

Julia, your kid was singled out as a non-singer when I asked who was singing the stupid song. It sounded like mostly boys, but the Junior Queen of Mean was in on it as well. Scratching Bean didn't send a strong enough message, apparently.

V, the teacher is evil, in my book, but the kids all seem to like her. I don't know how much is my own sensitivity and how much is legitimate concern, ya know?

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