Some recent kid-isms

Verbal kidisms from Miss I, physical from Miss O. I swear, I'm going to start panicking about getting early intervention for her if she isn't talking soon ...

Miss O:

Mimics everything. Everything. I was nursing her to sleep the other night and scratched my nose (It was a scratch!). I looked down to see her staring up at me, finger up her nose, grin on her face. I drummed my nails on a table yesterday, she drummed hers. I make kissy-noises at an animal, she does too. Actually, now she makes them at any animal, stuffed or real.

Today in the car, I heard the kissy-noise and she was having two rubber duckies 'kiss' each other, beak to beak. It was beyond sweet.

She blows kisses, sometimes at people, usually at animals.

She understands so much and follows directions really well. She'll throw things away, go to the door to the garage when I say "go get in the car", etc. And she can do the two-step instructions like "go to your room and get your shoes". She just doesn't say anything. Except mom/mama and dada. It's so different from Bean, who had at least 15-20 or so words by age 1, and by two had a huge vocabulary. Like I said, I'm close to being a little freaked out about the "not talking" thing ... at her 18 month check, if she still hasn't added more words, I'm going to ask about early intervention. Since she understands so much, I'm not as worried as I would be if she weren't able to hear and follow instructions, but with Miss Chats-a-lot as a big sister, it's hard not to compare and worry.

Miss I:

Zero is how you get one. You mix them and mix them and mix them together and then you get one. If you don't mix them, you get 10.

(Reading an anatomy book to O) So, here's your lungs and here's your skeleton and here's your heart. This is your brain, Miss O. And everyone has different color skin.

I moved up quickly to Manta Ray.

Arazelli (some made up girl) is big. She's in ... (pauses to think) ... humpback whale class up on the roof!


The Arazelli one was awesome, because it showed such a solid logic in the way the classrooms progress at her school, and a good comparison of Bean being her size and in Manta Ray and a much bigger kid being in a much bigger animal class.

But the zero and one thing blew me away.

I locked my keys in the car today at Costco. I was so impressed with myself. For the longest time, I just used the lock button on the keychain and that way I could never lock the keys inside because if a door was open, the lock button wouldn't lock the car. I had to be outside of it, all doors shut, with keys in hand to lock it.

But I recently started hitting the interior lock button after I opened the girls' doors, so I could just drop my keys in my purse and not juggle one or two kids and the keys to lock the doors. As I was shutting Miss O's door today, I had the "I hope I have my keys" thought that you just know means your keys are now locked safely in your car. And mine were.

A half hour and $35 later, O and I resumed our Costco trip, and since my car insurance will reimburse me for the cost, it was really just an annoyance and an ego blow. Miss O was fabulously patient while we shivered outside and shared a slice of pizza waiting for the lock-popper guy. And she had a blast inside Costco, where I let her walk for the whole trip. She was the belle of the warehouse club :)


Julia said...

Way to go Miss O. That's impressive, following 2-step commands at that age. I'm sure she'll be jabbering it up with Chats-a-lot soon enough, and you'll long for these quiet days again. :)

Dawn said...

Kiddo didn't really say much of anything until he was almost 2. At 18 months, he had maybe 3 or 4 words; at 2 he had a couple of 2 word phrases and maybe a handful of single words. I honestly didn't know any better. Occasionally I thought he might be delayed but I also knew that *I* didn't talk much so why would he? kwim? After his 2nd birthday he really took off and picked up a lot of stuff fast. And of course, now he won't shut up! lol!

I have heard that siblings of talkative kids will often be delayed in speech - simply because the older sib does all the talking for them. Miss O seems very bright and engaging otherwise, it doesn't seem odd to me at all that she doesn't yet speak. :)

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