I feel fine. I mean, I'm... the world's spinning a little bit, but I like it, it's kinda like a ride.

So, as evidenced by the death and graveyard conversations, Bean and I talk about all kinds of stuff. Interesting stuff, sometimes, completely banal stuff other times. We haven't done rocks in the belly, yet, Julia, but if your explanation to C involves pictures, or, better yet, visual aids, I may drop Bean off for the show and tell portion :)

Tuesday (in addition to dead people and cemeteries) we talked about how and why one would go about resurfacing a road, including trying to explain how cars and weather degrade the surface of the road, and how they lay down a new layer of asphalt without removing the old layer. She just couldn't wrap her head around the concept of how the road surface would 'wear out'. When I explain things to her, I ask "Did that make sense? Or should I try to explain it another way?" But really, how many different ways can one explain 'wears out'. I tried using holes in clothes as a comparison, but I think she's still pretty cloudy on the wearing out thing ...

Later, when she and I were talking about why she shouldn't run away from the grownups she's with, I was trying to be kind of vague and not scary about everything at first, telling her that it was dangerous and bad things could happen. She said "I need you to explain it a different way." That's when she got the 'taken by a stranger/run over and die' bit. Now every time she doesn't understand what I'm saying, she says "I need you to explain it a different way." Bed time takes even longer as I explain every nuance of her books to her, usually once but often enough at least twice. Le sigh. Kinda makes O's non-communication look good by comparison.

Melissa, I've been thinking about you this week - how did it go for you and for R?

I've been at work one day this week. I felt like crap Wednesday, but I medicated it into submission and went in, only to be rewarded with a 101.5 fever Thursday morning, and the kind of sick that makes even your teeth and hair hurt. I'm waiting on chest x-ray results for possible pneumonia. Fun. I'm pretty sure I've strained my lower back and ab muscles with all this coughing, and my head is constantly pounding. Great way to start a new job, huh? Hopefully, *hopefully* they will be understanding, and by Monday I'll be well enough to go in and kick some serious butt. And this will just be a few days we all forget about in short order.

Thankfully my folks were around to help out with the girls yesterday, so I could go to the doc and get the x-ray solo, then even get a nap in in the afternoon. I slept 9 hours last night, and plan on repeating that tonight. I already got a good nap in this afternoon with Miss O, so while I still feel like death, I'm getting some of the rest I need (and that the doctor ordered - ha!) to help my body recover.

O has made a few appearances in her daycare room this week, and she loves it. Today, she watched Dave walk out the door and turned back to what she was doing. After he took Bean to her classroom, he came back and she was happily wandering around doing her own thing. I hope, hope, hope she is going to do well with this. I am really encouraged by Dave's report, and by my own experiences of her playing happily and making friends, and cautiously optimistic about how it will go for real on Monday.

I got the sweetest phone call from Bean last night when she was at her daddy's. I was on the phone with Kelly, and clicked over on the call waiting to join a conversation in-progress (she doesn't grasp that she needs to wait for someone to answer the phone before she starts talking.) She had gotten an ant bite and jabbed herself on a "pokey plant" while at the park with daddy and wanted me to know. She was also worried about me, asking if I was resting and "soaking", as I told her I soak in a hot tub when I don't feel good. Poor Kelly gave up on me, as there's no way to explain "the other line" to a 3.5 year old, nor did I want to rush her off the phone. I spent a few minutes talking to her and then called Kelly back.

I'm anticipating a weekend of laying around like a lump as I try to kick this. They told me I should start feeling better within 48-72 hours, and if I didn't I needed to come back in. I'm holding the doctor to that, because I cannot imagine feeling this rotten for much longer :(


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