Being this cute is not just my right, but my responsibility

Since the last post was all about Bean, it's only fair that O gets her 15 minutes as well.

But before I begin, what is it that motivates total strangers (I think three in all now, over the last few months) to feel the need to say to me "they don't favor you at all, do they?" or "they both look like their dad, don't they?" or some variation on that? Do my girls really look nothing at all like me?? And even if that's the case, in this day and age, who thinks it's okay to comment on kids looking different than their parents? International adoptions, melting pot life, advanced maternal ages, blended families ... how can anyone think it's okay anymore to say anything about how the kids look as compared to the caretaker? I smile and say "yeah, they look like their dad" or whatever, but it still pisses me off. Mostly because it's rude and tacky, but also because I want them to look a little like me, for Pete's sake!

Anyways, the Fabulous Miss O is ever so Fabulous. She now blows kisses, which ties with the early I-just-found-my-toes-and-will-nom-nom-them-with-great-joy phase for utter cuteness and being so damn endearing your head could just explode. She understands a *ton*, but still relies on the more sign for pretty much everything: food, drink, milk, more of an activity and also to indicate that she wants whatever it is she's focused on. If she's asking for food, she'll usually accompany 'more' with 'eat', tho she's as likely to push her hand at your mouth as she is at her own; and if she's looking for milk, she'll just start pulling at a shirt looking for the goods.

(Is that ASL demonstrator kind of ... I don't know .. agro?!?)

And woe be to the person who doesn't get her more whatever and fast. She has become an unparalled hissy-fitter (but with as much time as she's had studying under the Hissy Fit Master, it's no wonder), and will scream and drop to the floor in full-on "oh the humanity" mode with the slightest provocation. Her recovery time is pretty quick, but she's got some pipes on her ...

Here's the Hissy Fit pose. For yoga fans, think Child's Pose with like, a zillion times the angst.

Miss O rediscovers cake at Rachel's b-day party. As far as she's concerned, there is no bad here:

Bath time. You'll notice the hair is dry, so the baby girl is happy. Once the first water goes over her head, bath time is a beat-the-clock game, where I'm trying to wash and rinse hair while she's standing and screaming in my face. Good times.

Her (now) highly mobile and unstoppable Tiny and Cuteness. The brief periods of volatility are totally offset by long stretches of mellow joy. I'll miss the hell out of her once I start working ...

Loves you Miss O. You're just as amazing as your big sister, but in your own special ways.


pam said...

Just for the record....Bean not only IS her mommy, but she looks like her too, Even Aunt Bea thinks so! And Miss O is a beautiful combination of her mom and dad.

Kelly said...

Vick, I think the girls DO look like you. Especially Bean. They look like Dave too but I totally see you in them. Tell everyone who says otherwise to get some glasses. By the way, you are awesome!

Melissa said...

Awww! Super cute :) I get the same comments about my two girls, but in my case they are the spitting image of their father - so I'm outta comebacks! They are both seriously the spitting female image of him....
Miss O and my youngest are the same age (Rue was born Dec.22) and I can't believe the gorgeous hair on O!! My little one has some thick locks, but it's still boy short.

Jen said...

Vick, I think the girls do like you. Really.

And bathtime is the same way with Nate. He loves it...until I put the first bit of water on his head. Then you'd think I was killing him by the way he screams. Ugh. I so hope Sam doesn't mind having her hair washed when she gets older.

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