Just sitting here watching our barren lives pass us by.

You know you're old when you're looking at Spanx, thinking, maybe ...

I'm actually in pretty good shape, overall, just have this roll of a mummy tummy that seems to be more extra skin than anything else. Probably from several expansion-contraction cycles, most of which can be blamed on pregnancy, but I was no skinny minnie when I graduated from college and got married, nor was I in good shape before my pregnancies with Miss O and Miss I. So now there's a dunlop belly (it done lopped over my panty line) to show for two c-sections and general laziness :)

I swear, after a lifetime of swearing "I'd never have plastic surgery", I've never been more intrigued by a tummy tuck.

Miss O is enjoying watching all the kiddos heading to elementary school this morning. My office window looks out onto the street, so she's sitting on a rubbermaid container and watching the world go by. Of particular interest to her are the parents walking their kids to school with their dogs. She's probably the only person on the road that's overjoyed to see a shih tzu, shih in their front yard.

I've a deliciously long and solo weekend ahead, and all I can think about doing is finishing my taxes and painting a wall with chalkboard paint for the girls. I'm such a lame-o. But I'm going to have to go see a tax person to help me figure out all the post-divorce-tax BS, and doing so with kids in tow would be insane. Plus, painting with kids at home would suck too. I just need to find out if the pretty colored chalkboard paint is an in-stock thing or a needs to be ordered thing. Martha Stewart has a DIY version I could make myself, but since I can't even reliably find a stud to nail brackets into, I'm thinking The Martha and I are on two very divergent paths. Mine happens to be less traveled by, which is nifty, but also happens to be one where home improvement and DIY skills are sacrificed for snark and good grammar.

O and I just had breakfast - two eggs each. She can snarf down scrambled eggs like no-one's business, and I fattened hers up a bit by using cream cheese in lieu of milk. Now she's rocking out (as only a toddler can) in the kitchen to the The Cult's Love Removal Machine. My kids have stellar taste in music; Bean's new favorite song is Your Number is One by The Rollins Band. Kid can name that tune in like, 10 notes.

Don't be too jealous. I suffer through Laurie Berkner just like the rest of y'all, too. And she likes Allison Krauss and John Mayer, courtesy of her dad's aural-Valium-like musical leanings. And, sadly, banjos. But she generally asks me for good music, including 10,000 Maniacs, Henry Rollins, Rage Against the Machine, old-school r.e.m. and The Grateful Dead. Miss O does her toddler rock-out to anything with a beat, but The Cult and Modest Mouse got big grins this morning.

Miss O has just wandered in, with her hair falling out of her updo, a tot-sized broom and a very cute Patchwork Pixie diaper. Still rocking out, with her white girl dance moves. I'm off to do the mommy thing. Happy TGIF everyone :)


Amanda Fowle said...

I just ordered me some spanx! I'm saying it's short term postpartum belly binding. Enjoy your free weekend! Wishing you productivity, sleep, and wine!

Jen Barnes said...

all I found for our chalkboard wall was black... I looked at four stores and finally found it at walmart.

Andrea said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post.


I miss the Patchwork Pixie dipes.
The fun of the ol' stalking days. Heh!

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