I want to learn from you. But I don't want to dress like you.

Some Beanisms:

I'm trying to close this stinkin' submarine!

Mommy: You will get a towel and dry the floor.
Bean: I will be glad to.

Bean: I'm going to buy caffeine for you and me and grandma and grandpa and Aunt Bea.
Mommy: That's very nice!
Bean: I'm going to buy caffeine for everyone in this world and everyone in a different world too.

Bean, to Aunt Bea, who had just given her some money for her piggy bank: I need more money for my bank.

Bean on shapes: I like diamonds. They're like argyle.

About a Miss O movie: Oh Miss O! What a cute baby! I will hold you in my arms.

About Miss O: She's holding her dress, apparently. I guess it angered her, apparently.


Bean's sense of style is legendary. The things she puts together, the aplomb with which she wears them ... I'm so envious of her total self-confidence and utter lack of concern with 'fashion'. It's not like a kid her age knows that she's mixing patterns in a clash-tastic way, or that most folks don't wear princess dresses to Target, so she's not consciously thumbing her nose at convention. But I take it as a testament to my (and Dave's) parenting that she doesn't hesitate at all when she picks out her clothes based on what she likes versus what "goes together". I have seen some amazing things when she's given free rein with her clothing:

I'm fairly certain if I ever heard anyone say anything critical of her choices, or tell her she couldn't wear something, I'd pop them. I'll sometimes draw a line on clothing choices if she wants to wear, say, her Sleeping Beauty dress to the sand pit, but that's simply because I don't want to deal with how much sand the damn thing will drag home with us.

She's awesome, isn't she?


pam said...

That she is....ad incredibly entertaining, sweet and lovable!!!!

Melissa said...

As much as I can, I let Zoe (my six year old) choose the same way. She's unfortunately starting to feel the sting of classmate comments though, so we talk about what ~we're~ happy wearing vs what others think. Besides, I think they both have better fashion sense than I do!

Julia said...


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