Boy, of all the humiliations you've had I've witnessed, that was the latest.

Driving home from picking Bean up yesterday, I heard and felt a strange sound and just knew I'd blown a tire. Fortunately I was almost home, and it wasn't until I turned down my street that all the air was gone. I did have to go maybe a half mile on a totally flat tire, but at least I got to my driveway. I'm sure I looked totally special ranting at the folks for taking forever to start moving at the light, as my sad little van limped along. If I had any pride left, it would have been humiliating ...

I've identified reason #5 husbands are nice to have around. Changing tires. Hopefully my dad doesn't mind changing my tire to my spare this morning ... my totally DIY sister will undoubtedly give me no end of grief over not changing it myself, but whatevah. Besides the obvious 'there's no way to change a tire and manage two children safely' argument, there's the fact that I doubt seriously I can loosen a lug nut. And even if I could, I don't want to. I have no need or desire to change a tire unless there's no choice in the matter. Flat tire in my driveway = plenty of choice.

In my running tally on what husbands are good for, I have:
1. Heavy lifting (both actual physical lifting and metaphorical heavy lifting)
2. Home improvements
3. Tech support
4. Touchy-feely-stuff
5. Flat tires


I've been taking some online classes. Right now I'm into one on grant writing and one on project management. PMP certification certainly wouldn't hurt my job search, nor would a basic grasp on grant writing. The grant writing class I'm taking wasn't very well-defined on my local continuing ed site, so I didn't realize it was more about starting your own business than it was about the nitty-gritty of grant writing, but I can take the more how-to classes later. Or now, if I don't feel too overwhelmed with everything. Tho honestly, I work so much better under pressure than I do in the nebulous 'too much time' world I live in now. My time-management skills are only effective when I have constraints, it seems. Maybe I'll just take the other class now too ...

I wish I could just get paid to take classes. I forgot how much I enjoy just learning. The note-taking, the new information, the new thought processes ... I miss college a lot, at least the wide open possibilities of it. The feeling I'd get with some new classes of 'Man, I would love to do this for a living!' It happened a lot, probably more a symptom of my scattered brain than anything else, but at least once a semester I'd contemplate a major change because I discovered something new. I've always said I'd like to be a lifelong student. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay for crap.


Totally random thought for the day: I call Miss O Captain Jack because her walking makes me think of Jack Sparrow.


tobethode said...

I love learning too Vick. That is part of the reason I am going back to school now. I feel like I need that.

I am glad your dad was able to fix your tire. I wouldn't want to do it either.

Julia said...

Fix a tire? That's what AAA and NTB is for. :-)

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