Your mouth is open, sound is coming from it. This is never good.

It's amazing how quickly things can go south when Bean is involved.

One minute she's telling me "I want FIVE stories tonight because I was super good!" and within 5 minutes, she's gone down to one story due to poor behavior, which quickly becomes zero stories when she hollers at me "I want a story .. god damnit!" Thankfully I was in the other room, so she couldn't see the suppressed laugh (because, seriously, it's *funny* hearing your 3.5-year-old yell something like that), but she definitely lost all hope of stories at that point.

I hate not reading to her, but she'd already lost Clarice and Bambi (the kid loves her some deer), as well as her favorite My Pretty Pony, so I had little else to take that she truly wanted.

During a play date today, she flipped out on me when I removed a metal pot from her hands, just so I could get her to listen to my request that she not do a metal-on-metal drum deal with the pot and the metal ladle she had. Before I could shape my request, she called me stupid and threw the ladle at me. Believe it or not, I wasn't really mad, just knew she had to have consequences, so I told her to go to her room. She screamed no and ran away. I went to retrieve her and when I picked her up, she began hitting with one hand and *yanking* my hair with the other. She got a quick swat on the tush when I couldn't get her to let go any other way ... y'all know I hate physical discipline, but she was not responding to my verbal requests and she was really hurting me.

She has an ENT appointment tomorrow to follow up on the 'failed' hearing screening ... I'm hoping that if they concur on the hearing loss, that it's something easily remedied, like fluid in the middle ear. I'd also love them to say: "Once we fix that, her hearing will be 100% and she'll totally listen the very first time you ask her to do something. She'll never sass you again, either. That's be $15."

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


Local moms, check out the rummage sale this Saturday to benefit Ikeasaurus. I had hoped to donate stuff, but can't get my poop in a group. So instead, I'll do what I do best and shop :)


jodi said...

hey! i've been lurking on your blog since you joined austinmama...i'm a big fan of your writing. :)

come say hi at the sale, i'd love to meet you in person. i'm the short one running the haiku-on-demand booth.


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