Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.

A couple recent Beanisms:

The reason why he doesn't like me is he doesn't like my long hair. But he likes my short bangs.

You're the bestest hair cutter, mama.

I can have a pink car, and daddy can have a blue car, and you can have a green car and O can have an orange car. Everyone can have whatever color they want. And Ayssa can like pink just like me.

I put water in the teapot. I got it from my sink because I'm allowed. I didn't get it from your sink because I'm not allowed.

I was so sad (at daddy's house) because I missed you a lot.

Mom, I was so worried about you because I didn't notice you at your house when I was at daddy's.

Bean (talking about when I pick her up at school): Stop saying 'say goodbye to your friends and goodbye to Miss Maggie'. Stop saying that, okay?
Mommy: Okay. Why do you want me to stop saying that?
Bean: Because it tires me out.


Dawn said...

OH man she is funny!

pam said...

That's my girl!!!:)

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