I think I speak for everyone here when I say, "huh?"

There is just something obscene about a pre-5:00-wake-up. If the clock had read 5:04 instead of 4:54, I would be less annoyed. But no. It was before 5:00. And I'd already been up a good 15 minutes trying to nurse Thing 2 back to sleep when Thing 1 started with her "mommy, can you lay with me?"s

Ex-freakin'-hausting. And it's not like I can just adjust with a cup of coffee and 30 minutes of down time. No. I spend the first hour of my morning getting up every few minutes to handle some major event. You no the kind: someone spills their snack, someone has to ask an important question, someone takes someone else's stuffed animal. All said in a whiny-crying tone that sounds like nails on a chalkboard ... stuff that even on a palmful of Valium and 12 hours sleep I'd find annoying. On no Valium and about 6 fractured hours of sleep, it's especially annoying. I'll be taking some extra vitamin B today, I just know it.


I've mandated a nap this morning before we do anything, so wish me luck. I want to try to get them both to sleep in their room and then spend nap time getting the job thing going again. I was apathetic last night after attending a resume workshop and realizing that, while it's not sucktastic, my resume needs work and is unlikely to get me an interview because it's missing some components. Makes it hard to even send it in for the jobs I'm interested in. I think I'm just going to suck it up and pay someone to make it sparkle. Until then, I'm flip-flopping on "do I just send in my resume now, or wait to see if these positions are still there after my resume is fixed?"

The resume workshop guy also said that no-one reads cover letters, but you still need to have one. Ummm ... frustrating. I use my cover letters to tie my experience to the job, and to inject some personality into my application. They are time consuming and sometimes difficult to write, they're necessary, but apparently only in the check box sense: as in, cover letter? Check. Resume? Check.


After that uplifting news, here's what I picture when I send resumes (and their seemingly worthless cover letters) into the Internet void:


I can only assume that Basement Cat is the likely recipient and that he mocks me openly before shredding my resume and worthless cover letter, putting them in his Basement Cat potty and peeing on them. Then he takes my formerly unconquerable soul and eets it fur brekfest.


At least I have Thing 1, who cheers me with her Beanisms:

Mommy: Do Goldfish belong on the floor?
Bean: Apparently, no.

Bean: Look Mommy. I made you lemonade.

Yes you did, sweetheart. Yes you did.


Julia said...

Now you have me wondering about my resume. What all do you need to do to it?

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