You're not, by any chance, betraying your secret identity just to impress cute boys, are you?

I psyched Bean up about wearing her splints to school by telling her they could be part of her secret identity - her shoes covered the foot part, and her pants covered the leg part, and she said that no-one could see them.

Then when I picked her up today she told me: "I showed everyone my secret idenivive and they thought it was COOL!"

Miss O and I had a nice day, although we essentially made the drive back and forth from Bean's school three times: to drop Bean off, to attend a play date in a nearby neighborhood and then to pick Bean up. The play date was with a new group I joined, and it was an opportunity to ask a pediatrician questions. So I got a second opinion on Bean's ears and Miss O's UTI. And since I'm kinda "eh" about our current ped, I'm casually 'shopping' for a new one. This doc said at her practice the respect delayed/alternative vaccine schedules, and would be okay with a non-vaccinating parent, so I may switch. Who knows.

I've got to make a million appointments, or so it seems; mostly for the girls, but a couple for me, too, including some professional help with taxes. Divorce and not having everything totally separate is a pain in the rear when tax time rolls around ... I'm so looking forward to all the loose ends being cleanly severed. Now we still have this mess of a my-name-on-his-stuff / his-name-on-my-stuff cluster scromp and figuring out what I can and can't claim is a challenge.


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