When I introduce you to Tony the foreman? You might wanna leave out stuff about blacking out and evil lint.

As I was preparing to leave for my interview yesterday, Bean was asking all the what and why questions she could, including what job I was interviewing for. I tried to explain the concept of a staffing company to her, but since she can't even grasp the whole "mommy is in charge, Bean isn't" concept, it flew a little out of her reach.

I asked Bean what she thought I would be good at. She thought, hemmed and hawed, and said: I think you are good at poopie.

No sh*t.

When I tried for something a little more impressive, I got: I think you are good at pee-pee.

It would certainly help to downplay my qualms about public speaking, huh?

I thanked her and let her know I'd mention both skills, as I hadn't considered listing them on the first go 'round. Sure as schneike, when I got home she asked: "Did you tell them you're good at pee-pee and poopie?"

Bet most other kids aren't this helpful.

I assured her that I did mention it and they were most impressed; that it put me head and shoulders above the other job seekers who hadn't mentioned their pee-pee and poopie skill sets.

She helped further by launching an impressive Bacon Double Turdburger campaign in the morning. Miss O, ever the observant understudy in her Junior Bacon Turdburger role, spent the morning trying to convince everyone that screaming and gesturing was superior to the spoken word when it comes to getting one's point across. So when I went to the interview, it was with a feeling of optimism about my future of full-time work and children in full-time care :)

Staffing agency interviews are cool in some ways - you're a little more natural, a little less worried about saying the wrong thing - it's someone that gets paid when you find a job so if you're a pretty employable person, they want you to succeed and they want to find you a position. But less cool is the ambiguity of 'we'll let you know if something comes up that fits your skill set' stuff ... But the interview went well enough and was good practice for being back in the working world.

So, hook me up with your favorite interview tips - or worst interview gaffes. Get me in the mood :)


Rebecca said...

OMG!!!! Can someone really die of laughter?? Because, I just did. Tell mom that I love her when you come to my funeral ;)

She is the funniest little person I have ever known!!!!
hugs and kisses from her cousin Rebecca

Rebecca said...

Oh...and good luck with the interview stuff. I have no stories for you, surprisingly.....and I've interviewd a lot in my little life. (When I worked in corporate retail, it was called "a revolving door"...you never have a job for more than 2 yrs before jumping on the next train.)

The only tip I would have, (if you're looking to get back into the writing/marketing world) is that if you find a company that you're really interested in....arm yourself with as much as you can on the company and where they sit right now. Prepare a mock-up "marketing plan" that you would like to propose if you were to get the job. Initiative is everything, and showing that you'll hit the ground running is even more important, as some training budgets have been tossed out the window in this economic decline.

Good luck to you with everything. I'm proud of you :)

Jen said...

No interview tips, sorry.

Although have you been watching Buffy lately? I just rewatched that episode the other day. I finally watched Dollhouse and am thinking I like it. The new episode should be out of Hulu tonight...we're going to watch it once I force myself to do some paper grading/commenting.

Victoria said...

Rebecca, thanks for the tip. I remember landing a job almost immediately when I demonstrated my PowerPoint prowess with a presentation on that company ...

Jen, curses on you for mentioning Dollhouse. I had actually stopped watching all TV except for HGTV when the girls are gone and I feel like vegging and getting caught up on magazines. Now I'm sucked in. Joss is, as usual, a brilliant writer.

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