All monkeys (and ponies) are French. You didn't know that?

I'm waiting for the full report from Dave, but the one-liner was that Miss O did great on her first full day at 'school'. She's officially 17 months old today, too!

I had a relatively nice Mother's Day, especially for the two hours Bean was asleep :) I'm sorta kidding, but sorta not - she was in rare form yesterday, with hysterical screaming hissy fits at the least provocation. We're talking the kind where the kid is coughing and retching and almost throwing it. Legen. dary.

Wanted to share a photo of the Mother's Day goodies I scored from the girls crafty adventures at Lakeshore Learning the other day. Missing from the picture is a lovely pipe-cleaner bracelet that Miss O made me - I held the cleaner, she put on beads until she was tired of it. It looked fab with my black suit today.

Cool, huh? If you look closely, you'll see the doll Bean made has sleeves drawn on. And boobs. Magical.

At the store with Bean yesterday, she said: "That's a girl. Look at her boobs." I know those of you with kids are totally jealous of Bean's knowledge of boobs and cemeteries. And cremation. It's okay. Not every kid can be this ... ahhh ... this ...

Moving on.

She also told me yesterday: "Don't open the bathroom door because I need my privacy." Turns out she had to "poopie" and wanted the time alone. I didn't realize that at first, and nothing makes a mom move faster than "don't open the door ..." I got put in my place and left her to do her bidness in private.

Julia, you'll appreciate this. After a day of randomly bursting into the My Little Pony song - but only the first few lines, as that's all she knows - she modified the lyrics for me. Instead of :
My Little Pony
My Little Pony
How I love to play with you

She sang:
My little mommy
My little mommy
I love her so much and then

Everybody now: awwwww!

Just got the full report from Dave - O did really well, ate all her food and, according to her daily sheet: "had a very good day back! She played well with all her new friends!". Because pick up is after the teacher in the 12-18 month old room leaves, O ends up in the infant room for the last hour or so, and the teacher there assumed she had been in daycare before because O adjusted to her so easily. Hopefully this trend continues, even when mommy has to do the drop off. Because, knowing O, she'll make me work harder than she makes Dave work.


Julia said...

Awesome remake of the Pony song. I just get crapped up versions of Positively Pink. "Pinkie's grand. Pinkie's shy. Pinkie's short. She's positively pink."

Jen said...

Sounds like the girls are doing fab.

And you, my dear, how are you doing?

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