Enjoying the refreshing sanity and so forth?

TGI Thursday. Why Thursday? Dave has the girls tonight and my sleep-deprived self can get some sleep.

Tuesday night and Wednesday night both featured marathon, middle-of-the-night nursing sessions that kept me awake at least an hour until I had had enough, stopped Miss O and then spent 30+ minutes trying to get her to sleep. Tuesday night she woke up several times *before* the nursing session, but last night she at least slept solidly until the session. Idiot mommy stayed up until 11:00 reading, as they typically sleep until 6:45 or so nowadays. Except today, when they woke up at 5:45. Actually, Miss O was up a little before that nursing. Again. So maybe 5 hours of fractured sleep for me? Like I said - TGI Thursday.

Here's how Bean woke up - I was laying and nursing O, and heard Bean pass gas. She sat up and said: "Mommy can you say Pootle? Poo-tle. The first letter is P and the fifth letter is T. Pootle is a funny way to say gas."

At least I can start my day with a smile. And plenty of coffee, as I have an extra hour of pootle-around time.

Sleepiness aside, I'm doing really well. It's a bit of a mad shuffle to get the girls out the door in the morning, and fed at night, but I'm finding my groove. Clara, thanks for the crockpot suggestion - I'll be using this kid-free weekend to look at menus and meals and do some shopping and pre-planning. I can do that and bag some frozen meals to throw in the fridge to thaw and then heat when I get home, too. I need to buy a smaller crockpot, I think. My parents very kindly gave me their hugantic one, but it's just too big for daily meals. It cooked the ever-loving crap out of the homemade mac and cheese I attempted once, I think because it was spread so thin on the bottom.

But I really am liking being back at work. My brain is actually hitting on all cylinders most days, and I knocked out a ton of stuff yesterday. Still working on a Twitter handle for the boss, but we may be making some progress - thanks to everyone who gave me input when asked :) It's so nice to be a grown-up for such a big chunk of the time now ... being a single mom, I think, makes the stay-at-home part even harder as there is so very little grown-up time. And when the other parent has the kids, it's hard to get grown-up time because that's when all your friends are doing family things. Throwing work into the mix means 40 or so hours of guaranteed grown-up time a week, and that's pretty cool.

The gym right by the girls' school is running a "$9 to join, $9 a month, no contract" membership drive and I'm very tempted. I could do M/W/F pretty easily ... assuming they have showers there. It'd be a pain to come all the way back home. Not impossible, but a pain. I guess I could just as easily get my lazy tookus out for a power walk/run every morning that the girls aren't here. I just need something for my upper body .... hmmm ...

A couple Beanisms for y'all before I hit the showers and get this show on the road.

Mommy: Bean, would you like some crunchy strawberries and bananas?
Bean: Well, my brain thinks it's okay ...

Bean: C had macaroni and cheese and broccoli for lunch
Mommy: mmmm. That sounds good (totally lying thru my teeth). My favorite way to eat broccoli is raw with ranch dressing.
Bean: My favorite way to eat broccoli is that nobody eats broccoli.

Bush Sr. would be so proud ...


tobethode said...

heh! That is my favorite way to eat broccoli too! :)

You sound good Vick. I am so glad.

If you need any crockpot recipes, let me know. I lurve my crock pot!!!

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